Favourite Travel Apps – Saving You Money

My Favorite Travel Apps for saving on the road!

Apps are now an invaluable part of our daily lives, honestly I would be pretty lost without them. From getting directions using google maps, reading restaurant reviews for awkward first dates, to mobile banking and so on. Today, your app store offers many useful options for international travelers. These apps can help you make sense of your precious travel funds, get awesome discounts, and keep your house finances in order!

Here are my Top Travel Apps for your next backpacking adventure. From before you leave, to your time on the road and well after you’ve returned, these apps will help you see more of the world on less.

Preparing for your Trip

  •  Momondo is my favorite flight finder. It’s super easy to use. It shows the day with the lowest price and highlight’s things like airport changes and overnight layovers. It also provides an overall rating of how others liked similar flights.  Other popular flight finders include: Skyscanner & Trippit. Tip: Book 40 days before departure.
  • My Barcode Wallet does exactly as it describes, this app is all about collecting points.  It’s just so convenient. Save all your rewards cards in this app and never miss an opportunity to collect hotel, air or other valuable travel points.
  • Mint is a really useful app developed by Intuit, a world leader in accounting software. If you like charts and tables, you’ll love this app: It shows you how much you spend, then organizes your expenses into simple categories you understand: Food, Gas, Rent, Insurance etc… Try and save an extra $50-100 dollars per month, it’ll add up quickly! But beware of the risk of using Mint. The biggest obstacle for travelling is often making and sticking to a Budget!

Saving Money on the Road

  • Currency XE is the most essential app I can recommend, download up to seven currencies you can access even offline.  This app tells me how much Vietnamese Dong I can get for $1 USD, then how many Baht for 100,000 Dong and how many Malaysian Ringgit for my Baht! When exchanging cash abroad, aim for the rate as close to the one listed on this app as possible! No more getting ripped off. Tip: you can exchange money at most commercial banks, they usually give the best rate.
  • CouchSurfing isn’t about saving money per say, its about meeting other amazing interesting individuals living all around the World. Its an easy concept: Open your doors to others and they will open theirs for you! More often than not, you’ll find experienced world travelers fluent in many languages with an appreciation for cultures, art, music and fine food! If i’m staying for multiple nights, I like to take my host out for supper and pick up some ingredients for a delicious and much appreciated home cooked meal! We know how rare those can be on the road.
  • Hotels.com App gives you a free night for every 10 stays purchased! They average the cost of your previous ten nights and give you an equivalent credit within 72 hours. I recommend using several different hotel apps offering rewards or listing cheap accommodations: HotelQuickly, AirBNB, HostelWorld, Agoda etc…
  • RedBus is an App I used in Malaysia with the coupon code RedBus30 for 30% off my ticket price! It was cheaper and easier than booking at a kiosk! There are many bus and train booking apps, so check in advance which ones are available in the countries your visiting next.
  • Splittr – “Cost Sharing Made Easy”. I can’t count how many times I split a bill while travelling or had to make an Excel spreadsheet keeping track of who owes who money. When Backpacking, I always carried cash but I would often run out of small bills thus relying on my friends and “I owe Us”. Now, this app lets me easily keep track of money lent between friends.  Alternative: Tricount

  Keeping in Touch!

  • MyPostcard allows you to upload a photo and send it as a postcard anywhere in the world for €1.99. You can design and customize your own postcards with a personalized message and have it sent directly to your friends and family. Alternative in the USA is Postagram.
  • Shutterfly  is a photo printing service with an added feature: Unlimited Photo Storage. Where Dropbox and Google Drive have limits, Shutterfly will store all your photos for free! Upload photos and make albums guaranteed never to be deleted. You can order quick prints 4 x 6 for as low as 0.15 per print, photo books and more! Super easy to use and great for sending a nice birthday gift while on the road.

Keeping my House in Order

  • TurboTax is a free to use online tax return filing application. So even overseas, at sea, in the mountains or at the beach,  all you need is an internet connection to file your taxes by the deadline. TurboTax is available in Canada and the United States.
    1. Drop photocopies of your prior year tax returns in Dropbox as backup
    2. Ask to receive you income slips and any other relevant documents such as Tuition receipts by email
    3. Make sure to read up on any additional rules for filing taxes overseas.
  • Prism organizes all your recurring monthly bills like your mobile phone, electricity, Netflix, Spotify , gym membership, hydro, car insurance etc.. You can choose to receive a reminder or set up direct billing from the app by linking your account. It has similar features to Mint Bills, Bills ReminderManilla & PayTM. 

So there you have it! With these Apps you’ll be financially ready for your next trip sooner than expected! My advice, start planning early: Make a budget, save those travel points, and use all the apps at your disposal for deals on airfare, buses, hotels and more!

Until next time! Tally up those Travels!


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  1. Alex - August 2, 2016 Reply

    I would also add a decent navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-open the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.

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