Pai – A Thai hippie town

Over the course of my travels I had heard a lot of praise for the mountain town of Pai. So, like any good backpacker trusting in the opinions of my fellow travellers, I added to my hit list. It was a good choice!

Pai :)
Pai 🙂

On February 23rd, I took a mini van from Chiang Mai to Pai (150 baht). The three hour mini van ride is the craziest normal ride ever! The roads are so windy, going to Pai will really test your guts.

Pai is well known for the river that runs through the town, the nearby waterfalls and the luscious forest. In the dry season, the water level is low and the forest is brown and scarce. Over my two and a half days in Pai I took the time to relax and enjoy the little things the small town and countryside had to offer. It’s kind of a hippie/regae retreat for Bangkokians.

WW2 Memorial Bridge

I rented motorbike for 150 baht plus 20 for fuel (always turn down rentors fuel and go to a station) and headed out into the countryside. Outside of Pai, the roads are almost empty and the ride is very enjoyable.

Memorial Bridge, thanks to the ladies for this picture!

My first stop was the reconstructed Memorial WW2 bridge destroyed by the Japanese as they retreated across the river. It’s a cute stopping place for some photos, I posed for a few photos with a cute little Chinese girl.

Canyon Walking Path

Having already trekked in Vietnam and the fact that it was so hot, I opted for a peaceful yet exhilarating walk at the local canyon park. It’s like a real life version of Yoshi’s valley from Mario kart; with narrow dirt passageways and instant drops off either side, it’ll get your heart racing!

Don't look down!
Don’t look down!

Luckily I’m not afraid of heights and there were no giant spinning eggs. I did stray off the path a bit and found myself free climbing the crumbly cliff walls, a poor decision haha.

Fluid Pool
This is the relaxing headquarters for Backpackers in Pai! A very refreshing and good size pool, with a cafe, bar and restaurant to boot. It costs 60baht to enter which include to tatami mat for the grass. The food is very reasonably priced (150 for an American Breakky, coffee included). It’s open until 6pm, so enjoy it all day!

Fluid Pool, Cafe and restaurant!

Night Market & Food

Every night, I enjoyed a stroll through town after dark to look at wares and search for a yummy late night snack. I tried a Thailand version of a Timbit and wasn’t disappointed!! I also tried the Bamboo cup of ginger and lemongrass tea which was very sweet.

Night market in Pai
Night market in Pai

On my last morning in Pai, I walked down to Om Garden with a couple of Dutch gals from my Lazy Hostel. They had an amazing carrot cake and strawberry shake (70+40 baht), the girls split a couple of toast and egg dishes (85 baht each) that were also delicious! Definitely recommend a visit and the cake!!

Om Garden Carrot Cake and a veggie burger from somewhere I can’t recall oups.


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