Cam Darling

Cam Darling

Jumping on a plane on my way to a foreign country. How does anyone describe that feeling? For me, it was Terrific! Crazy! Exciting! Wild! Without a doubt, getting this far was a big deal. I felt a little nervous, uncertain, but ready. I planned for months with a friend, I thought I knew what to expect. I felt the thrill starting to build... and I was still at YVR airport hours away from departure.

Today, I try and share useful tools, tips and tricks for enriching travel adventures.

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  • Ninna-ji Temple (仁和寺) & The History of Emperor Uda

    Ninna-ji Temple is one of the most spectacular and historic temples in Kyoto Japan. In a city with over 2000 temples, shrines, castles and palaces, Ninna-ji Temple has one particular unique feature: For almost 1000 years, the temple’s head priest often came from the imperial family lineage. Just a few minutes walk South West from […]

  • Best SIM Cards in South East Asia

    After withdrawing money from an ATM, buying a SIM card is almost always the next thing travelers do when they arrive abroad. The days of being disconnected on some remote journey, deep in the mountains or jungle are almost completely gone. So let’s explore what SIM cards are available in Asia: Jump to Vietnam Jump to […]

  • How to use the Toilet in Asia

    In between preparing for your big trip and dreaming of warm beaches or frosty peaks, it’s easy to forget about the little things you’ll do everyday, like having a poop in Asia’s squat toilet. Say goodbye to the comfort of a clean western public bathroom and prepare to pay to use some questionable Asian toilets. It’s […]

  • Arashiyama (嵐山) Bike Tour Destinations

    Just a short train ride from Gion or Kyoto Station, Arashiyama (嵐山) is a small sub-section of greater Kyoto, tucked into the base of the city’s western mountains. Famous for the bamboo forest walk and the docile macaque monkeys that live in the mountain top park, Arashiyama has always been a popular destination for tourists. […]

  • Kota Bharu – Two days and One Beach Party

    Kota Bharu is a fairly quiet Islamic city in North-Eastern Peninsular Malaysia. It is the capital and royal seat of the Kelantan State. Each Malaysian State has a Sultan or King at the head of state, although many of the positions are simply honorary. The city streets are clean, colorful and hot! Kota Bharu doesn’t […]

  • Why the McDonald’s Big Mac can help you budget your travel

    The Big Mac is the most famous burger in the world (arguably more than the Big Kahuna Burger). You can visit a McDonald’s Cafe in 48 countries and get roughly the exactly the same burger experience. However, what you pay for your Big Mac will be different! Let’s take Japan as an example. Japanese McDonald’s! This […]