Quickie Facts on your next travel destination

GDP per Capita 2016 (Current Dollar Purchasing Power Parity:- World Bank Data  PPP Adjust for differences in the price of goods and services worldwide. A good estimate for the cost of goods in a country. In general, a lower GDP per Capita in PPP means your traveling costs will be less expensive as the country must provide basic services to the local citizens.

What Country has the most tourists arriving in the World?

In 2015, France had the most  tourist arrivals for any country -Word Bank Data

Countries with a lot of tourists can be a little annoying. Always surrounded by other tourists, it’s impossible to get a photo without some random fannypack person in the way. However, the services are more developed as tourism numbers climb, making your trip a lot easier. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of traveling to countries a little off the main tourist radar as long as it is safe. Cambodia is totally different than neighboring Thailand that sees 6X more tourists a year.

What Country has the highest mortality rate from traffic related injuries?

In 2015, Zimbabwe had the highest mortality rate from traffic injuries – World Bank Data

Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil also have very high mortality from traffic accidents. Other countries did not report their data. Travelers must take care when driving in foreign countries with different safety standards and road rules.