260 House

Welcome to Vancouver!

The big city for Canadian tech, the hipsters, environmental movement and the outdoors enthusiast!
Whether you are a first time traveller or just looking for a place to stay between flats, 260 House can accommodate you.

Trying to find an apartment in Vancouver before you arrive is tough, occupancy rates are at all time lows creating a landlord’s market. Or to the contrary, if you don’t intend to stay long and therefore feel reluctant to sign a rent agreement, this may be a place for you.

2016-01-08_10.37.02The house is located only a 25 minute transit ride to downtown and blocks away from great restaurants and cafes along Main St. Check out my other posts for places to eat in Vancouver for more info. There are several grocery stores, bars, pharmacies and even an amazing ice cream cafe nearby.

The house itself is 105 years old, built in 1910 but in reasonably good shape for its age. The house has some character that really shows its age too. 260 house has six bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a stylish living room with exotic plants and a huge red comfy couch.

I moved to Vancouver in October 2015. After several weeks of trying to find an accommodation for a short stay, a couple months, I grew really tired of searching. Through good fortune, I stumbled upon an ad to stay at 260 house during its first opening month, a humble beginning. Together with other guests, we mounted pictures, moved in furniture and even put the beds together. It was fun seeing the place come together.

Today, the house is fully operational with a coin operated washer & dryer, Netflix, HBO GO, cable, Wi-Fi and a fully equiped kitchen: Pots, pans, spices, tupperware, strainers, blenders, french press…you name it. It looks great, Danny has done an excellent job setting up the house comfortably.

Contact Danny if you need a place to stay, he is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. A local to Vancouver, Danny along with his buddy Joel are great volleyball players and know how to throw a poppin party! Above that, Danny is a great resource for learning about the city and the amazing people that live there. Because of my stay at 260 House, I’ve met travellers from New Zealand, New York, Washinton, India, The Netherlands, France and other fellow Canadians.

While you stay 260 house, try cooking some of your local food recipes for the other guests or planning a house potluck. Write down your recipes and mount them on the kitchen wall with those of past guests. Leave your mark on the house and enjoy the fun atmosphere of a house made for travellers and professionals.


To reach Danny,

Send him a text or call at 1-(694) 782 7364



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