Cam Darling

Cam Darling

Jumping on a plane on my way to a foreign country. How does anyone describe that feeling? For me, it was Terrific! Crazy! Exciting! Wild! Without a doubt, getting this far was a big deal. I felt a little nervous, uncertain, but ready. I planned for months with a friend, I thought I knew what to expect. I felt the thrill starting to build... and I was still at YVR airport hours away from departure.

Today, I try and share useful tools, tips and tricks for enriching travel adventures.

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  • WorkAway – International Youth Hostel in Kyoto, Japan

    1 Month Hostel WorkAway in Kyoto, Japan In April 2016,  I volunteered for a month in an international youth hostel in Kyoto, Japan. It was my third volunteering experience, the second through workaway, and I absolutely loved it! I saved $800 in accommodations, made new friends and  enjoyed a totally new way of travelling.  In […]

  • Hot Yoga – My Awesome Moksha Family

    Hot Yoga: My First Class Four years ago I went to a charity event at Moksha Yoga Studio with my friend Herman, $10 donation for 1 hour of hot yoga. Although I had followed along to a few Youtube videos at home, namely SeanVigueFitness & SaraBethYoga, this was my first formal class.  Let me walk you […]

  • Explore the Sacred Graveyard of Okuno-in Temple – Koyasan

    Cherry Blossoms by the Sacred Graveyard of Koyasan Just prior to my arrival in Japan, a giant storm swept through the Kansai area scattering to the wind the beautiful cherry blossoms petals that attract millions of tourists to Japan each spring. Bah! Such terrible luck! That perfect picture of the famous Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto lost until my next visit. […]

  • Uji, Japan – Byodo-in Temple

    Day Trip to Uji, Kyoto Prefecture The following day after my trip to Nara, I set out early in the morning with a new friend from my hostel. Jenni had been staying at my hostel in Kyoto for a reunion with friends whom she met at Doshisha University while on exchange. Having spent a year living […]

  • Nara, Japan – Heijo Palace & Todaiji Temple

    Day Trip to Nara City For my day trip to Nara, I met up with a few travel companions, Fred & Gert, from Belgium. Fred and I met earlier this year at a hostel in Pai, Thailand. Fast forward a few months and we both ended up in Japan! Isn’t that the greatest part of […]

  • Sahai Nan Permaculture Farm – Barefoot with Friends

    In late February 2016, I pursued a new experience on my travels in the form of a permaculture farm volunteering retreat. I want to explain why this experience was worthwhile, and why it was a good decision during my travels in terms of Experience, Money and Time. Decisions have to be made on a regular basis […]